Saturday, October 13, 2012

CnS e-motion @ CINEMA!

"Together, surrounded with dead bodies...a job well done..."

"She's a good student...natural born killer."

"...and with that, he pulled the trigger...smooth,cold,efficient..."

"I'm just a honest man...killing my way through life..."

"Take the wrong turn in Old town and you might find something beautiful...and then you die."

"Old town gals never ask...they enforce."

Just a heads up E-mos, CnS e-motion is participating in Cinema (opening today, Oct 13th) offering you no less than 6 exclusive for the event releases.If you haven't heard already (which I doubt), Cinema is a sim-wide event, organized by the Hottie Cooteratti experience and many talented designers have put out items inspired from their favorite movies.CnS is participating in action/adventure genre with a series of both couple and single poses inspired by our favorite action flicks.Cyn City series (named after our mainstore sim) are here, gritty, dark and simply badass!Come check them out and don't forget to hit the subscribo in our Cinema store for updates and our monthly gift!

TAXI to Cinema
CnS mainstore @ Cyn City mall

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