Thursday, December 18, 2008

CnS - Sonhos de ouro

Pose made by Stella Roizman <3

Lemme tell ya... we worked a lot on this project... and wanna know something?
EVEN it was HARD, coz the objects and scripts are all made by CnS... We enjoyed it! =)

First Poses with Props of the series it's a Sled; yeah we are in winter so it's suitable :p
It includes 3 unique couple poses, 2 single poses and a sum of emotes for your beautiful faces :O
Complete 13 Prims! <3

Sunday, December 7, 2008

CnS Poses ~ Xmas Sale

Hiye Guys =)

Was about time to make a lil Sale huh? :P

Well here ya go!

We picked 7 random couple Poses! \oo/

Larger Size

The sale is running till Xmas! =) *yay* and more to come aswell! *shake butt*

Click here for the Mainstore Landmark <3

Greetz n pokes ~ Cynneh and Ilian

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lets awake this Blog again! :P

So, after some busy times and no rly motivation to fill this Blog, i guess its a good way to start it again!

OFC! Im not going to post ALL THE POSES i made in here... *its toooo much Work*

But ill Post the 5 last releases from CnS Poses! \oo/

Okey, here we go:

New releases:

Latest Poses:

CnS THE garls
CnS Kiss my ass

CnS I dont let u go!

CnS Wuff

And ofc, here the Taxi for the Mainstore! :)