Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CnS e-motion @ Zodiac Gemini

CnS is participating in this month's round of Zodiac themed around the Gemini sign. The girl/girl couple pose you see above will be offered at the discounted price of 100L for the duration of the event so grab the taxi and come check it out!

Taxi to Zodiac

Taxi to CnS mainstore

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Party time!

Two iconic SL brands, Cynful clothing and CnS e-motion poses have their (4 & 5) years anniversary this Saturday May 18! To celebrate this a huge party will be held at Cyn City shopping district (10AM SLT - 4PM) featuring some of the hottest SL DJs and a bunch of gifts offered from the resident designers. Grab the taxi and come party with us!

Taxi to CnS mainstore @ Cyn City shopping district

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CnS e-motion @ the 100 block and The Boutique

CnS @ The 100 block, 50% discounted pose

CnS @ The Boutique

Lots of newness lately from CnS! We are proud to participate in two awesome events, the 100 block (May10 - 31) by Depraved Promotions and The Boutique (May 15-June 10) by Liaison Collaborative. As you can see in the pictures above two exclusive for the events couple poses are on sale so come and try them out! Don't forget to subscribe in the mainstore subscribo for updates and exclusive gifts.

Taxi to the 100 block

Taxi to The Boutique