Monday, May 30, 2011

CnS e-motion Gets Smexy NEW RELEASES

CnS e-motion is feeling the love with these new releases!

Get a little romantic and sexy...they are all available in the mainstore now!

CnS e-motion Omnom Bewbies Pose

CnS e-motion Only for You Pose

CnS e-motion Crabby Style Pose

CnS e-motion Boing Pose

Sunday, May 22, 2011

CnS e-motion & MEYA NEW RELEASE!

Second Life is all about the connections we make and the people we love spending time with, and Cynthia Ultsch creator of CnS e-motion poses has a lot of friends and family around! She teamed up with her sister, Leila Carroll owner of MEYA Poses, to create this newest release! This is a joint project between CnS e-motion and MEYA Poses that embraces another feeling around the grid...wanted to tell someone..well look at the pic! :P

Yes, CnS e-motion has had FU poses before but for people who do not know how to photoshop it was very difficult to create the look they wanted. This pose pack includes sculpted hands which are easy to use for any skill level with the best poses! Buy the fat pack and get all the poses in the photo above to take a picture with your family like we did or grab the single poses! .....don't forget a little FU never killed anyone! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

NEW Releases at CnS e-motion Poses

CnS e-motion has two hot new releases for couples! Venture to the mainstore and grab these sizzling beauties today and snap some smexyness tonight!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

CnS-emotion New Releases & Culture Shock 2011!

CnS-emotion has had a busy week! Two new releases and we joined Culture Shock 2011!

Grab these two sexy new couples poses available now in our mainstore then visit Culture Shock 2011!

CnS-emotion Not of Your Concern Pose

CnS-emotion Put it On Me

Culture Shock 2011 Exclusive Poses Available Today!
Visit Our Shop at Culture Shock
Limo to the event:
This special charity event was organized to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors without Borders is an independent humanitarian medical aid organization. They are dedicated to providing medical aid where it is most needed regardless of race, politics, geder, or religion and to raise awareness of the plight of people who need help.

Please visit the fair for more information about this amazing event brought by CHIC Management it is a great honor to have been asked to participate.

CnS-emotion New Releases \o/

New releases available in the mainstore now!

Cns-emotion Nope, He's Mine Pose - Thats right ladies let them know =P

CnS-emotion Mine for the Night - Perfect for showing off the hot beginning to any night RaWr!

CnS-emotion Shh Pose - Intimate yet sexy this one is a keeper!

CnS-emotion Team Gets Bigger!

Please join us in welcoming Tara Voskhod to the CnS-emotion Team as the newest talented pose creator and photographer! Below please find her first releases, and she even created a new dollarbie available in our main store now!