Saturday, May 26, 2012

 CnS is 4 years old this month!! 
I remember back in the day when it was one of the few places you could find quality poses. I knew Cyn from flickr only in faving and commenting on each others pics. I bought almost every one of her poses!
I was a budding photographer honing my skills then and learning that just because a pose existed, didn't make it good.
When she opened [Cynful], which is 3 years this month too, I offered her congrats and we started talking and that began a friendship. Over the years following, I have continued to use CnS poses for all my inspired pics. You don't see many of them because, like so many others, I left SL for a while and deleted my flickr account.
When I came back, Cyn was one of the first people to greet me and after catching up, she offered me the position of CSR. Even though I had zero experience! It's been a learning experience. *grins at Cyn* Thank you for giving this noob a chance! :p
I became inspired to create my own poses thereafter and I must have impressed her, because she offered me a position on the CnS team to create and sale my poses.
I've done many things in SL, but I have to say, creating poses that inspire others is the most fun and rewarding of any of it. I hope to continue to do so as long as you guys enjoy them!!

Happy Anniversary to CnS and [Cynful]!!!

And another Congrats to Cynneh for making her visions reality! <3 Chica!

<3 Eve Leroux
[Cynful] CSR & CnS e-motion poser

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

So Far 2012...

Hey guys! 
Been a while, so wanted to update you on the new poses released so far this year...
with more to come!
The new Cyn City is finished and we are working on final touches to CnS E-motion. Introducing a new vendor system for easier pose browsing.
We are all very excited and will be hosting a sim party soon in celebration of the all the changes! There will be gifts from many of the vendors including a new pose...Stay tuned! 

 Whole Lotta Love
 Dirty Dancing
 Against the Wall - singles
Feel Me