Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Releases 9.16.12

 "Wake Up Call" by Eve & Alex

 "It Had to be You" by Eve & Alex

"The Connoisseur" by Alex

This month we have three new poses!
Who needs an alarm clock when you have soft touches and kisses?! It's the best Wake Up Call, when you gently prod your better half awake and add the photo to your collection of memories.
 Que up the music and lower the lights for this sensual pose..It Had to Be You.  Capture a quiet moment spent with the one you love and finally........found.  Super romantic and perfect for many scenes this one is an essential for any studio.  
After a long day of work or perhaps it is just a passion a glass of wine usually does the trick! This pose pack is dedicated to all of The Connoisseurs.  The 5 poses include the wine glass prop.   
  Also, Introducing the NEW CnS e-motion logo!

Visit CnS e-motion @ Cyn City mall to check these out and hit the 
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We know we have a lot of CnS e-Motion addicts and we appreciate your support it means a lot to us!  The thing is we never get to see your work! Let us be fans and check out your flickr streams by joining our CnS e-motion Flickr group

Enjoy your weekend and time behind the lens!
~ CnS e-motion Team

P.S. CnS e-motion is participating in the Cinema event starting Oct 13th...keep a look out!

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