Saturday, May 26, 2012

 CnS is 4 years old this month!! 
I remember back in the day when it was one of the few places you could find quality poses. I knew Cyn from flickr only in faving and commenting on each others pics. I bought almost every one of her poses!
I was a budding photographer honing my skills then and learning that just because a pose existed, didn't make it good.
When she opened [Cynful], which is 3 years this month too, I offered her congrats and we started talking and that began a friendship. Over the years following, I have continued to use CnS poses for all my inspired pics. You don't see many of them because, like so many others, I left SL for a while and deleted my flickr account.
When I came back, Cyn was one of the first people to greet me and after catching up, she offered me the position of CSR. Even though I had zero experience! It's been a learning experience. *grins at Cyn* Thank you for giving this noob a chance! :p
I became inspired to create my own poses thereafter and I must have impressed her, because she offered me a position on the CnS team to create and sale my poses.
I've done many things in SL, but I have to say, creating poses that inspire others is the most fun and rewarding of any of it. I hope to continue to do so as long as you guys enjoy them!!

Happy Anniversary to CnS and [Cynful]!!!

And another Congrats to Cynneh for making her visions reality! <3 Chica!

<3 Eve Leroux
[Cynful] CSR & CnS e-motion poser

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